SIENNA proposals for the ethical management of new and emerging technogies

The SIENNA project has developed tools for the ethical management of human genomics, human enhancement, AI & robotics. We have also developed proposals for how to enhance existing ethical and legal frameworks in these areas.

Our proposals build on work in the project and synthesise expert and stakeholder views. They are meant to improve guidelines for research ethics committees. We aim to make ethical assessments easier – in the biomedical field and beyond. Our proposals are meant to facilitate exchange between research ethics committee members. We propose ways to enhance national, EU and international legal and ethical frameworks. Proposals build on our deliverable reports. Some of our recommendations have been presented in a series of policy briefs, others remain to be published in scienfic journals.

Human genetics and genomics

  • Operational guidance for ethical self-assessment of research
  • International code-of-conduct for genomic data sharing

Human enhancement

  • Ethics guidelines for human enhancement
  • Proposals for the creation of an expert working group on human enhancement
  • Recommendations for enhancing legal frameworks for human enhancement

Artificial intelligence & robotics

  • Ethics by Design and Ethics of Use approaches for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Big Data
  • AI ethics education, training and awareness raising
  • Industry Education and Buy-In
  • Ethics as Attention to Context: Recommendations for AI ethics





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