SIENNA recommendations for enhancing legal frameworks

We are developing proposals for ethical and human-rights respectful human genetics and genomics, human enhancement technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. To make sure they can be implemented effectively, we have also identified potential changes needed in existing legal and human rights frameworks at the international, EU and national levels.

Ethics and human rights standards need to be considered in development and use of emerging technologies. SIENNA is working to ensure human rights and other important societal values are respected in human genetics and genomics, human enhancement technologies, and AI and robotics. We consulted stakeholders in webinars and email conversations, and engaged with policy makers through participating in public consultations to identify what might need to change to ensure SIENNA proposals.

We offer recommendations for improving the enforcement, uptake and effectiveness of existing legislation in these fields. And discuss actions to take, actors involved, what should be prioritised and potential ways to address implementation challenges. With a discussion of the interrelations between ethics and law from the perspective of policymakers.

It is important to rely on the existing frameworks, which may need to be supplemented with interpretive guidance, and to use capacity of the monitoring mechanisms that are already in place, with better enforcement. But we shouldn’t turn away from new (or revised) measures. They may be particularly important when we need to introduce stronger protection or introduce clear red lines on what is not permissible. Looking beyond the most urgent actions, they are also needed when new legal categories, expended scope of application and novel procedures or bodies may provide a more optimal way forward.

What are the required legal changes, what actions need to be taken, who should take them, what is more important, what are the challenges? Find out by downloading our legal recommendations!

Konrad Siemaszko, Rowena Rodrigues, & Santa Slokenberga. (2020). SIENNA D5.6: Recommendations for the enhancement of the existing legal frameworks for genomics, human enhancement, and AI and robotics (Version V2.0). Zenodo.

Policy briefs

Want the short version? We have published some of our recommendations in policy briefs

Trilateral Research. (2020, December 17). Enhancing EU legal frameworks for AI & robotics: SIENNA project Policy Brief #1 (Version 1.0). Zenodo.

Santa Slokenberga. (2021, January 31). Enhancing EU legal frameworks for genetics & genomics research, SIENNA project Policy Brief #2 (Version 2.0). Zenodo

Trilateral Research, Responsible AI and robotics: Enhancing national legal frameworks, SIENNA Project Policy Brief #3 (Version 1.0). Zenodo





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