Theoretical and methodological foundation

SIENNA work started by establishing the methodological foundation for work in all three areas. This work was meant to ensure theoretical coherence and methodological consistency in our work, resulting in a methodological handbook.

In the first seven mothns of the project, we worked to:

  • Document our approaches for ethical analysis.
  • Document our approaches for legal and human rights analysis.
  • Document our approach to studying social accceptance and awareness.
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders in all three areas.
  • Develop a methodological handbook for the ethical, legal and social analysis in human genomics, human enhancement & artificial intelligence and robotics.

SIENNA Methodological handbook

Rowena Rodrigues, Stearns Broadhead, Philip Brey, Zuzanna Warso, Tim Hanson, Lisa Tambornino, & Dirk Lanzerath. (2018). SIENNA D1.1: The consortium's methodological handbook (Version V0.6). Zenodo.

More SIENNA reports

Ethics & human rights for new and emerging technologies

Ethics & human rights for new and emerging technologies: SIENNA project Policy Brief #4

Human genomics, human enhancement, artificial intelligence and robotics offer benefits for both individuals and society. But these technologies also challenge human rights and our notions of what is ethical. SIENNA has developed frameworks and proposals for the ethical management and legal regulation of human genetics and genomics, technologies for human enhancement, artificial intelligence and robotics.

This policy brief presents key messages drawn from the EU-funded Horizon 2020 SIENNA project (2017-2021). SIENNA seeks to promote enhanced consideration of ethical and human rights issues in new and emerging technologies with major socio-economic impact and human rights relevance.

SIENNA project, (2021, March 9) Ethics & human rights for new and emerging technologies: SIENNA project Policy Brief #4. (Version V1.0) Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4590094

This brief is also available in Greek: SIENNA project. (2021). Hθική, δεοντολογία και ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα για τις νέες και επερχόμενες τεχνολογίες: Σύνοψη πολιτικής του προγράμματος SIENNA αρ. 4 (Version V1.0). Zenodo. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.5550576 

Download SIENNA brief #4

Last modified: 2021-10-29