Final SIENNA deliverables now available!



Want to take a look at our ethical frameworks for AI & Robotics, Human Enhancement and Genetics & Genomics? The last of the SIENNA project's reports were recently made public on Zenodo and are now available for download!

These reports were just published: 

Mats Hansson, & Solveig Fenet-Chantereau. (2020). SIENNA D2.7: Proposal for an ethical framework for the assessment of genomics technologies and for research in genetics and genomics (V1.3). Zenodo.

Philip Brey, Philip Jansen, Jonne Maas, Björn Lundgren, & Anaïs Resseguier. (2021). SIENNA D4.7: An Ethical framework for the development and use of AI and robotics technologies (1.1). Zenodo.

Yasemin J. Erden, & Philip Brey. (2021). SIENNA D5.3: Methods for promoting ethics for human enhancement (Version 2). Zenodo.

Philip Brey, Owen King, Philip Jansen, Brandt Dainow, Yasemin J. Erden, Rowena Rodrigues, Anais Resseguier, Marina Diez Rituerto, Tally Hatzakis, & Amal Matar. (2022). SIENNA D6.1: Generalised methodology for ethical assessment of emerging technologies (2.1). Zenodo.

Konrad Siemaszko, Maciej Kalisz, Samuela Marchiori, Santa Slokenberga, Zuzanna Warso, & Rowena Rodrigues. (2021). SIENNA D6.2: Report on adapting methods for legal analysis of emerging technologies (2.0). Zenodo.

You will find links to all our public deliverable reports here (Link removed)





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