Ethics, Human Rights & Emerging Technologies: SIENNA final conference recording available!



The SIENNA project ended on 31 March 2021. The results of our 3,5 year project were presented at a three day conference: Discussing the ethical and human rights issues raised by emerging technologies, and the methods and instruments propose to govern need for ethical guidance and governance of emerging technologies. We have recorded our presentations on regulation, innovation policies, research ethics frameworks, Ethics by Design methodologies, education and training progammes, standards, and certification. Did you miss the event? Don't worry! We recorded it!

Organising a conference to present the legacy of a project in the midst of a pandemic was a challenge, but comes with one added benefit: The video is available for those who are interested in the more general results, and those specific to human genetics and genomics, technologies that can be used to enhance human abilities, artificial intelligence and robotics. We have also provided summaries of our recommendations in a series of policy briefs, and a two minute video version. Results have also been shared in a series of public deliverable reports, and several publications in scientific journals.

Watch our legacy here! (Link removed)





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