Enhancing national legal frameworks for AI & robotics: SIENNA project Policy Brief #3



National policy-makers should ensure that any changes in legislation responding to AI and robotics are fit for purpose and in accordance with the country’s international obligations, especially with regards to human rights and societal values. There is need for legal clarity and guidance.

(Image removed) In this policy brief, we present some of the urgent actions required and recommendations for national policy-makers, government ministries and departments (particularly ICT), parliaments, public authorities, national human rights institutions (NHRIs), supervisory bodies, and regulators.

To support and ensure ethical and human-rights respectful design, development, deployment and use of AI and robotics technologies, we need policy-makers on the national level to:

  • Improve protection of human rights and societal values.
  • Ensure AI and robotics products and services are reliable and secure.
  • Restrict the proliferation of harmful AI and robotics applications; set clear rules on what is not permissible.
  • Effectively enforce existing laws.
  • Reduce mass and disproportionate surveillance of individuals by public and private actors.

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