SIENNA webinar on societal concerns in public research funding



Both public research funders and researchers have an obligation to the public to ensure that research has a positive impact on society, which includes addressing concerns and mitigating potential harm. Societal concerns about new and emerging technologies relate to ethical, human rights, and socio-economic impacts – many of which were identified in the SIENNA project. Join us online on Friday, March 5 at 13.30 CET to discuss methodology for identifying and addressing societal concerns in public research on new and emerging technologies!  

Developed in consultation with national public research funding organisations in Europe, this methodology provides a framework and set of recommendations for public research funders to identify and address concerns of the general public.

The methodology is part of a set of ethics framework and tools developed in the SIENNA project to address present and future ethical issues in new technologies with high socio-economic and human rights impact.

Join us online on Friday, March 5 at 13h30-14h30 CET. Webinar presented by Trilateral Research. The webinar presentation will be recorded for dissemination as part of the SIENNA project. Participant questions and discussion will not be recorded. 

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