SIENNA submits response to the public consultation on the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment for regulation of Artificial Intelligence



On 10 September 2020, the SIENNA project submitted its response to the European Commission public consultation on the Inception Impact Assessment for a regulation of artificial intelligence. Our key recommendation was to adopt an EU-level legislative instrument establishing mandatory requirements, complemented by a voluntary labeling scheme.

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This inception impact assessment is a follow-up to our feedback on the Commission’s White Paper on AI, submitted in June 2020. We welcomed the language that puts fundamental rights and societal values first. Unlike the European Commission White Paper on AI where the focus was on building consumers’ and businesses’ trust in AI to increase uptake of the technology, the Inception Impact Assessment rightly prioritises the protection and safety of individuals and society at large.

We also reiterated our recommendations for, among others concerns, enhancing protection of vulnerable groups and individuals vis-à-vis AI adverse impacts, setting more definitive red lines on what is not permissible, and adding the requirements of Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Want to know more? We invite to you read our full response with recommendations from SIENNA.

By Nicole Santiago, Trilateral Research





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