Legal requirements for the use of human genomics technologies



Want to know what is allowed? The SIENNA project has documented and delivered a critical assessment of the legal requirements in relation to human genomics in and outside the EU. The work includes human rights aspects and also some aspects of animal research as a stage in clinical research. In the report, we argue that a human rights framework may provide for an important point of reference for shaping future legal responses in the field.

In 2019, the SIENNA project delivered an analysis of the legal and human rights requirements for the applications of the existing and emerging genomics technologies in and outside the EU to the European Commission, the report is now available for download! The report includes comparative insights in national laws and an assessment of how national standards relate to international and regional norms and human rights requirements. We also show overlaps, distinctions and a number of challenges in responding to technological advances in genomics.

If you want an analysis of EU law and international and regional legal orders in relation to human genetics and genomics, we suggest you download our report! Or watch this clip where Santa Slokenberga from Uppsala University presents the highlights from our work.


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