Research ethics codes and guidelines for genomics



The SIENNA project conducted a survey of research ethics committee approaches and codes for human genomics. The survey was submitted to the European Commission in 2018, and lists a large body of codes and guidelines. We have now published the full report, and give you selection of guidelines that you might want to be aware of. 

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The SIENNA project has collected a lot of data to build our ethical frameworks for human genomics, human enhancement, artificial intelligence and robotics. We want to make that data available as a service to the research community and have provided a list with codes and guidelines for genetics and genomics research that you might find useful, and short descriptions of the scope of each guideline.

If you want the full body or work, the list builds on a public deliverable report: Howard H, Niemiec E, Tamborino L, Lanzerath D et al. D2.3 Survey of REC approaches and codes for Human Genomics, 2018. You can download the full report on research ethics committee approaches for human genomics from the CORDIS portal.

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