Presenting our work for the European Commission!



Today, work package and task leaders from the SIENNA project are in Brussels to present our work to the H2020 project officer and an expert external reviewer. We are looking forward to this opportunity to review what we have done so far, and receiving feedback to improve what we do in the future.

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The SIENNA project started in October 2017, and we have now completed the second year of work. This is our second review meeting with the European Commission. SIENNA is funded by the H2020’s Science with and for Society (SwafS) programme, and the review includes looking at the deliverables we have completed so far, asking questions and providing comments. We are looking forward to presenting our work, and incorporating reviewer feedback! 

This year, we have completed legal and ethical analysis for Human Genomics, Human Enhancement, AI & Robotics. We have also conducted telephone surveys with 11,000 people in 11 countries, and focus groups in 5 countries about public views on all three technology areas. After the commission reviews our work, it will become available, either by publishing the reports themselves, or by sharing the results in scientific publications.

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