AI and robotics from a Spanish point of view



Developments in artificial intelligence and robotics are changing societies and affecting human rights. These technologies are expected to be the greatest money makers of the 21st century. Spain cannot turn its back on the expected financial and societal gains from AI and robotics development. So writes SIENNA's Javier Valls Prieto in a Spanish language blog post in The Conversation. 

To prevent citizens from turning their backs on AI and robotic due to lack of trust, a legitimization system is needed.

"Data indicates that Europe is a few steps behind the US and China in the development of these technologies. This is why the EU is now investing money in promoting AI and robotics development. The EU is not only pushing for more European development of these technologies, but also for research on how AI and robotics can be regulated in a legal and ethical way. With the goal of creating European standards for development in these fields to protect human rights", says Javier Valls Prieto. 

The practical application of robotics and AI are many, and the SIENNA project has identified several fields where the technologies will affect citizens. In good ways and in bad. Stay tuned for more results from the SIENNA project by signing up for our newsletter (Link removed)

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