Call for papers: Ethics and Human Rights in Smart Information Systems



Interested in the ethics and human rights issues in smart information systems? Join the SHERPA, SIENNA. PANELFIT, ORBIT projects and others in the IEEE Smart World Conference forum thisyear! Call for papers closing 26 April 2019.

Smart information Systems (SIS), the application of artificial intelligence, in particular machine learning via deep neural networks based on big data analytics, hold large promises and raise significant concerns. They form the backbone of visions of a smart world, powering smart technologies, driving smart cities and transforming our lives.

At the same time these technologies raise a number of concerns with regards to their ethical consequences and their implications for human rights. There are numerous initiatives that aim to find ways to identify and address these. These are driven by industry, research or policy. What is currently missing in this debate is an integration of empirical insights into these issues, their theoretically sound evaluation and the translation of such knowledge into practical outcomes

This Forum forms part of the IEEE Smart World Congress (, 19.-23.08.2019, Leicester, UK). It will bring together a multidisciplinary community of scholars to address many of the facets of research required to understand and engage with these developments.

The session is chaired by Professor B. Stahl, Coordinator of SHERPA, Professor P. Brey, Coordinator of SIENNA (Link removed) . ProfessorC. Romeo Casabona, General Coordinator of PANELFIT. Professor I. de Miguel Beriain, Deputy Coordinator PANELFIT, and Professor M. Jirotka, Investigator of ORBIT.

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