Stakeholder input to SIENNA: Foresight



In January 2019, SIENNA is organising three foresight workshops to discuss risks, impacts and ethical issues of AI and robotics, human enhancement and genomics with invited stakeholders.

(Image removed) Using various foresight methods, the workshops will explore with experts, social impacts and emergent ethical issues generated by AI & robotics, human enhancement and genomics technologies. 

The workshops will explore future developments in specific technologies and their resulting social impacts and ethical issues. What are the impacts are more likely and which are less likely? What are the overall risks, impacts and new ethical issues raised by new technologies? How will different social impacts affect ethical values?

The results of the workshops will inform the SIENNA work on ethical and social impacts and provide insights into the factors needed to be considered in the next stages of the project.

15-16 January 2019: Foresight Workshop: Social and Ethical Issues in AI and Robotics

16-17 January 2019: Foresight Workshop: Social and Ethical Issues of Human Enhancement

18 January 2019: Human Genetics and Genomics Foresight Workshop

The workshops (by invitation only) will be hosted by Trilateral Research Ltd at the Hilton Kensington, London.

Twitter hashtags: @SiennaEthics

  • AI and robotics: #futureimpactsAI #futureimpactsrobotics 
  • Human enhancement: #futureimpactsenhancement
  • Genomics: #futureimactsgenomics 





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