Genomics: Ethical framework

PhD students are expected to reflect on ethical aspects of their research projects. This requirement is stated in legal premises and regulatory frameworks for academic institutions around the world. When applying for research funding researchers are also expected to make an ethical assessment related to their proposed research project.

There is a risk that this assessment becomes a one-time event, maybe just ticking some pre- and generally defined boxes. Ethics as a fait accompli, rather than as a continuous reflection about one’s research as science develops and societies change.

In trying to bring research ethics back to its roots, as a matter for self-reflection by scientists themselves and their communities, the SIENNA project has developed an ethical framework for research on human genomics. The full report has been submitted to the European Commission for review.

Download report: Mats Hansson, & Solveig Fenet-Chantereau. (2020). SIENNA D2.7: Proposal for an ethical framework for the assessment of genomics technologies and for research in genetics and genomics (V1.3). Zenodo.





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