SIENNA publications on the ELSI of AI & Robotics

The SIENNA project is starting to produce results that will be published both in public deliverable reports and peer-reviewed journals. This page lists our outputs covering the ELSI of artificial intelligence and robotics. You will find a complete list of outputs from the SIENNA project here.

Deliverable reports

Philip Jansen, Stearns Broadhead, Rowena Rodrigues, David Wright, Philip Brey, Alice Fox, & Ning Wang. (2019). SIENNA D4.1: State-of-the-art Review: Artificial Intelligence and robotics (Version V.04). Zenodo.

Rowena Rodrigues, Konrad Siemaszko, & Zuzanna Warso. (2019). SIENNA D4.2: Analysis of the legal and human rights requirements for AI and robotics in and outside the EU (Version V2.0). Zenodo.

Lisa Tambornino, Dirk Lanzerath, Rowena Rodrigues, & David Wright. (2019). SIENNA D4.3: Survey of REC approaches and codes for Artificial Intelligence & Robotics (Version V1.0). Zenodo.

Philip Jansen, Philip Brey, Alice Fox, Jonne Maas, Bradley Hillas, Nils Wagner, … David Douglas. (2020). SIENNA D4.4: Ethical Analysis of AI and Robotics Technologies (Version V1.1). Zenodo.

Rebecca Hamlyn. (2020). SIENNA D4.5 Public views on artificial intelligence and robots across 11 EU and non-EU countries. Zenodo.

Kantar (Public Division). (2019). SIENNA D4.6: Qualitative research exploring public attitudes to AI and robotics (Version V3). Zenodo.

Philip Brey, Philip Jansen, Jonne Maas, Björn Lundgren, Anaïs Resseguier, SIENNA D4.7 An Ethical framework for the development and use of AI and robotics technologies, Submitted public deliverable from the SIENNA project, awaiting approval from the European Commission. 

Articles in scientific journals

Blog posts