Now on YouTube: SIENNA, SHERPA & PANELFIT collaboration


The SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT webinar on May 20 2019 marked the start of an active European collaboration in the ethics, law and human rights of emerging digital technologies. Now you can watch it on YouTube! Learn about the projects' work on artificial intelligence (AI), big data, smart information systems (SIS), and information and communication technology (ICT) in general.

SIENNA, SHERPA and PANELFIT are three H2020 projects aiming to improve existing ethics, human rights and legal frameworks for ICT development and research in Europe. The thee projects have overlaps in aims and scope, providing ample opportunities to develop synergies between the projects. We collaborate: 

  • To co-create outputs with policy-makers, stakeholders and end-users.
  • To deliver complementary guidance for software developers, industry, policy-makers, researchers and citizens.
  • To ensure expertise and experiences can help improve existing policy, and the policy making process, for ICT, SIS and AI.
  • To build synergies for optimal communication and dissemination policy, to maximise social impact.

Would you like to know more about the projects and how we work together? The webinar is avialable on YouTube!


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