AI & Robotics: New project video


We interact with machines, robots, smart devices, intelligent software, prosthetics & implants. Robots can perform human tasks on their own, and smart devices can operate autonomously. Or connect & work together. Watch our new YouTube video to find out how SIENNA will approach these issues!

Intelligent software agents such as Siri or Alexa, sense & respond to their environment. We share our roads with autonomous cars, and use intelligent prosthetics and implants that restore & enhance the human body.

AI & Robotics offer great potential benefits. At the same time, these technologies challenge our ethical notions: Who protects our data? Who is accountable? How is human identity changing?

AI & Robotics developers ask for ethical guidelines & regulation. SIENNA will contribute to professional ethics, assess laws and human rights implications and & recommend how to enhance international legal frameworks for industry, software developers and research.

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