Publications from the SIENNA project

The SIENNA project is starting to produce results that will be published both in public deliverable reports and peer-reviewed journals. You will find a complete list here, and, as our work progresses, you will also find separate lists for the ELSI of Human Genomics, Human Enhancement and AI & Robotics

Publications in scientific journals

  • Fernow, Josepine; de Miguel Beriain, Inigo; Brey, Philip; Stahl, Berndt

    Setting future ethical standards for ICT, Big Data, AI and robotics: The contribution of three European projects

    Part of Orbit Journal, 2019.

    Open access
  • Canellopoulou-Bottis, Maria

    The Greek Law on Genetics and Genomics - An Overview and Outlook for Future Perspectives

    Part of SSRN, 2019.

    Open access
  • Quian, Wang; Yuyi, Cao


    Part of Journal of Dalian University of Technology (Social Sciences), 2019.

  • Slokenberga, Santa; Howard, Heidi Carmen

    THE RIGHT TO SCIENCE AND HUMAN GERMLINE EDITING. Sweden, its external commitments and the ambiguous national responses under the Genetic Integrity Act

    Part of Förvaltningsrättslig Tidskrift, p. 199-222, 2019.

    Open access

Related publications

  • Vears, Danya F.; Niemiec, Emilia; Howard, Heidi Carmen; Borry, Pascal

    Analysis of VUS reporting, variant reinterpretation and recontact policies in clinical genomic sequencing consent forms

    Part of European Journal of Human Genetics, p. 1743-1751, 2018.

    Open access
  • Vears, D. F.; Niemiec, Emilia; Howard, Heidi Carmen; Borry, P.

    How do consent forms for diagnostic high-throughput sequencing address unsolicited and secondary findings?: A content analysis

    Part of Clinical Genetics, p. 321-329, 2018.

    Open access

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