This public consultation is closed

The input we received will be incorporated in our proposals that will be submitted to the European Commission. 

Proposal for human genomics: Operational guidance for ethical self-assessment of research

In trying to bring research ethics back to its roots, as a matter for self-reflection by scientists themselves and their communities the SIENNA project is proposing an ethical framework and operational guidelines for ethical self-assessment of research in genetics and genomics. We suggest it to be used by researchers at all levels, from graduate to senior researchers and for funding agencies.

Who can give input to the public consultation?

The consultation is public -- anyone with an interest or stake in human genetics and genomics can give input. In particular, we would like to encourage patients, parents and carers to give us feedback on this proposal.

What should I do?

Please read the proposal for operational guidance for ethics self-assessment of genomics research, then submit your feedback through the form on this page.

What happens next?

We will use the feedback we receive to revise the proposal. The proposal will be submitted to the European Commission as a report. We also plan to publish this proposal in a scientific journal.

What if I am uncertain or have questions?

We are organising a webinar on 18 January 10-12 CET. The webinar is mainly designed to ensure patient communities have an opportunity to understand the scope of the document and ask questions, but everyone is of course welcome!

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Last modified: 2021-03-31