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Industry education and buy-in

This document discusses the training and certification for ethical AI in industry.  It proposes policies for the development of a commercial training and certification business eco-system.  It does so by drawing on comparable elements in other certification and training areas, including the EU Energy Labelling scheme, the EU e-Competence Framework and personnel certification schemes, such COBIT and CGEIT.  The strategy is to motivate vendors and developers to adopt ethical AI certification voluntarily because of market demand.  Similarly, the strategy with certification bodies is to motivate them to develop and promote ethical AI training and certification programs themselves and produce a self-sustaining business ecosystem devoted to the development and promotion of ethical AI systems.  The document outlines certification schemes for AI and robotics systems and people as well as mechanisms for educating large and small businesses and generating a demand for ethically certified AI systems and staff.

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Last modified: 2021-03-31