This public consultation is closed

The input we received will be incorporated in our proposals that will be submitted to the European Commission. 

Proposals for AI & Robotics

Who can give input

Anyone interested in the ethics of AI and robotics can give input. 

What is the process

Please read the ethics proposal that you wish to comment on and answer the related questions. We will revise our texts on the basis of the feedback received. The revised proposals will then be submitted as a deliverable to the European Commission and made publicly available. 

SIENNA proposals for ethical AI and robotics

After having conducted extensive ethical and legal studies and having consulted a wide range of stakeholders, the SIENNA project is now in its last phase of work dedicated to developing ethical guidance for AI and robotics. Considering the series of high-level guidance documents developed in the field over the last few years, including the High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG), the SIENNA project, together with numerous stakeholders, identified the need for more operational guidance documents. The main objective of these documents is to propose practical ethics guidance to ensure AI and robotics are designed and used in ways that respect key ethical principles and values. We would appreciate your feedback on: 

Last modified: 2021-03-31