Publications from the SIENNA project

The SIENNA project is starting to produce results that will be published both in public deliverable reports and peer-reviewed journals. We issue regular e-mail newsletters and share our work in blog posts. We are also developing a series of policy briefs to share take-home messages from our reports. Only interested in specific aspects of our works? Go straight to our pages on Human Genomics, Human Enhancement and AI & Robotics!

Publications in scientific journals

The SIENNA project will continue to publish based on our results after the project ends. Want to find out what is already peer-reviewed?

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SIENNA project policy briefs

Based on our reports, the SIENNA project published a series of policy briefs in spring 2021. The series summarise recommendations for improving the regulatory frameworks for human genetics and genomics, artificial intelligence and robotics. We have also issued a brief with recommendations for the ethical management of technologies that can be used to enhance human abilities. The last brief in our series summarises the key messages from the SIENNA project.

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Last modified: 2021-04-06