Webinar on ethical guidelines for human enhancement on 14 December


Education and exercise can enhance our abilities. So can technology: in the form of implants, drugs, genetic enhancement or machines. This comes with ethical, legal and social challenges. On 14 December, SIENNA invites you to participate in a webinar on ethical guidelines for technologies that can, or could, be used to enhance human abilities. 

Because human enhancement technologies are not developing in one space, new regulations, policies, protocols and procedures for development, funding and application are needed, and they should align with societal needs and values.

By engaging key experts and stakeholders in ethics committees, policymaking, academia and industry, SIENNA has developed guidelines for research in, and development and application of, human enhancement technologies and procedures.

Yasemin J Erden introduces the field of human enhancement, explains why guidelines are needed, covers specific cases from the SIENNA guidelines, and opens up the topic for discussion on 14 December, 14:00 CET!

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