SIENNA ethics guidelines for human enhancement R&D


The SIENNA project's ethical guidelines for human enhancement research and development have just been published in Science. They cover a broad range of interventions, drugs, treatments and other technologies that can improve human abilities, that fall outside the scope of medical interventions.

The guidelines were developed by Dr Yasemin.J. Erden and Professor Philip Brey from the University of Twente, and formed part of the SIENNA project's tools for the ethical management of new and emerging technologies. The guidelines have also been included in a European Commission guidance document for researchers and ethics evaluators, and published in Science on 24 November 2022 in a paper titled ‘Ethics guidelines for human enhancement R&D.

Read about the guidelines on the University of Twente's web site: Technologies to improve human performance raise ethical concerns.  

Erden YJ, Brey P, Ethics guidelines for human enhancement R&D, Science 2022;378(6622):835-838.