About cookies on the SIENNA project website

Information about cookies on the SIENNA project website

The SIENNA project website is hosted by Uppsala University and uses cookies. Under the Act Regarding Electronic Communication, which took effect on July 25, 2003, everyone who visits a website with cookies must be provided with information:
- that the website contains cookies,
- what these cookies are used for, and
- how cookies can be avoided.

In certain parts of the Uppsala University website (which includes the SIENNA project website), cookies are used to give the user access to extra functions, such as web mail and placing orders for materials.

If you do not accept the use of cookies, you might not be able to fully utilize the SIENNA project web site. Insetad, you can contact the SIENNA communications manager, josepine.fernow@crb.uu.se, to receive help in accessing any content that requires cookies.

Web browsers can be configured to automatically refuse cookies or to inform you that a website contains cookies. Owing to the technology used by certain parts of the website, these parts of the website will not function without cookies.